“Few people teach true mastery and understand the mind’s infinite potential at the level Jessa does. From brain surgery to mind surgery, she has an uncanny ability to make transforming your financial well-being fast, fun, and simple. Her presence, compassion, and down-to-earth nature alone have the power to change your life.”

- John Shin

Executive Producer of Think and Grow Rich the Legacy Movie,

Author of How Rich Asians Think, a Think and Grow Rich Publication with the Napolean Hill Foundation

“Jessa is a maverick of the mind. To know the brain physically from a Neurosurgical perspective and understand the mind metaphysically as an advanced spiritual mentor, healer, and performance coach is a rare combination few people in the world possess. You will find her to be your secret weapon for success without exception.”

- Ramin Abdolvahabi, MD, PhD


“The Principles of The Peaceful Millionaire will undoubtedly change your life. You will walk away with infinite possibilities and tangible lessons to exponentially increase your success. If you’re guilty of getting in your own way and feeling stuck, Jessa’s methods will effectively guide you to inevitable peace, wealth, and fulfillment.”

- Bill Walsh

CEO/Founder of Powerteam International, Venture Capitalist and Business Coach

“The way Jessa marries your well-being with your financial well-being is pure brilliance. Bringing the heart and soul’s intelligence into wealth creation is what is missing in the world. Her seamless multi-faceted approach will expand and nourish your mind, body, heart, soul and bank account in ways you never imagined possible.”

- Dr. Carolyn A. Brent

Library of Congress Authority, Award winning advocate, author, and speaker

“Jessa is a very gifted healer and mentor who has helped me free up major blocks in my life, and continues to help me make strides in achieving my personal and financial goals, both on an inner and an outer level. I also love working with her because she has a big heart, and holds space for me without judgment. Thank you, Jessa for sharing your gifts with the world!”

- Patrice Spitz

Certified Advanced ThetaHealer and Certified ThetaHealing Instructor

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