Design your Peaceful Millionaire Life workbook

This powerful workbook is packed with intentional tools to make your PEACEFUL MILLIONAIRE Life your inevitable reality faster than you ever imagined possible.


Peaceful Millionaire Phone Screensaver Template

Quickly make these impactful ‘I AM’ statements part of who you are by having them front and center every time you pick up your phone. Or personalize it with your own images and ‘I AM’ statements.


The Peaceful Millionaire Triangle of Life

This frame-worthy print-ready full-color version of The Peaceful Millionaire Triangle of Life is a companion to Chapter 8. Download, print, and display it as an elegant guide while building your Peaceful Millionaire Life.


The Peaceful Millionaire Principles

Frame-worthy, printable list of all 30 Peaceful Millionaire Principles + a bonus principle! This full-color printable version of The Peaceful Millionaire Principles serves as a consistent visual reminder to embody these power principles and live your Peaceful Millionaire Life Always in All Ways!


Peaceful Millionaire weekly ‘Dose of Divine Guidance’

Short, sweet, and to the point - Supercharge your success, mind, heart, soul, and bank account with these weekly diamonds and pearls of wisdom. Consistency is one of the foundational keys to anything you choose to have in life. Embrace this weekly email to consistently illuminate your Peaceful Millionaire Life Always in All Ways!


The Peaceful Millionaire 3-day Intensive

2 FREE TICKETS for you and a guest to attend the Life-Changing 3-day Peaceful Millionaire State of Mind Intensive.

This deeply transformative event will nourish your mind, soul, and bank account in unimaginable ways. You will feel revived and a new version of how you show up for yourself personally, professionally, and financially will emerge.

How you are currently experiencing ‘Life & Money’ is only a tiny piece of your journey. It's not the truth of who you are. It's not the truth of what you are capable of, and it is not your final destination. Now is the time to get in the driver's seat and navigate the future financial destiny of your choosing.

If you don’t already have the wealth and financial independence you desire or you’re doing well financially but you are missing the peace, happiness, or fulfillment you deserve then say yes to yourself and the path of The Peaceful Millionaire!

The Peaceful Millionaire inside you will thank you and your Peaceful Millionaire Life awaits you!

See you at the intensive!

Until then…

Live Boldly, Love Deeply, Laugh Often, and Be Rich Always in All Ways

xx, Jessa

Congratulations for choosing this book! I have no doubt that it will change your life for the better. It will inspire you to achieve your dreams and to live the life that you have always wanted to live!

Raymond Aaron

New York Times Bestselling Author

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